FishWrapArt - Fresh Occasionally - Artist - Bruce Baxter

A short bio…

After more than 30 years as a computer geek I decided to resurrect my one-time passion for art. Back in the early seventies, I managed to eke out a living selling photo-litho prints of my pen and ink drawings. They were popular, but it was hard to do more than survive as an artist.

So I sold out and went back to computers; joined the Army and ate better(?). After the Army there was Eddie Bauer followed by Bank of America. And after B of A, I found myself in Honolulu working for the Bank of Hawaii.

In 1990 my ex and I sailed our sailboat-home to Palmyra then on to Fanning and Tahiti. We spent nearly a year in French Polynesia followed by another year in Honolulu before sailing to Sitka. We did a leisurely tour of the Alaskan panhandle: Pelican, Elfin Cove, Glacier Bay, Hoonah, Juneau, Petersburg and Ketchikan – with lots of gunk-holing in-between. Finally, the inside passage guided our way back to Seattle where we settled in Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island.

September, 1993 and I’m back in computers again, this time at Microsoft in Redmond. After 5 years, I managed to get myself transferred back to Honolulu – sailing my way again, only with different crew. Fast-forward 9 more years and here I am, resurrecting those languished art skills, but I've traded a computer and a digitizing tablet for my previous pens & brushes and paper & canvas.

To those of you who think that anyone can create art on a computer. I most humbly suggest that you try it. I still draw or paint every line, every stroke on each piece. Some of the images on these pages took me over 100 hours to create, others less. But each is a labor of love.